An Attorney  That is Always There for Employees in Their  Time of Need

The power differential between employer and employee is rife for exploitation. I can help put an end to that.

About the Attorney

About the Attorney

Louis Benowitz

Meet Louis Benowitz:  Louis Benowitz is passionate about advocating for employee rights. Throughout his career, he has successfully recovered millions on behalf of California workers. 

He has successfully represented workers in various industries, most notably including health and fitness, retail, manufacturing, restaurant, food service, transportation, legal, and banking/financial services.

Louis Benowitz has been recognized as a Rising Star by Southern California Super Lawyers every year since 2013, and is a Rising Star Up-and-Coming 100 Super Lawyer for 2021. Louis Benowitz is a  graduate of Cornell University and Loyola Law School



Being represented by the Benowitz Law Corporation gets results. Continue below and read about how we helped clients in situations just like yours win their case.

$5.75 million on
behalf of retail workers.

$5.50 million on
behalf of fitness workers.

$3 million on behalf
of health workers

Entrusted by the
Following Organizations


We’ve recovered millions for employees all over California.


Our legal work and published opinions have helped reform the law to protect employees.


You only pay a fee if you get monetary compensation.


Attorney Louis Benowitz is a graduate of Cornell University and Loyola Law School

We understand that clients come to the Benowitz Law Corporation during their time of need.

No matter the case or situation, our legal team will always do their best to see you through it. The Benowitz Law Corporation team is here for you.

What Can An Employment Lawyer Do For You?

An employment lawyer can help you to stand up to unfair or illegal practices in your workplace. Employees maintain many legal rights, but considering the power differential between employer and employee, it is not uncommon for an employee to be intimidated into accepting poor treatment. That buck stops with us. Benowitz Law Corporation can help you to stand up to discrimination, wage & hour theft, retaliation, workplace safety violations, and more. If you are uncomfortable at work, you need an employment lawyer on your side.

Employee Misclassification

One of the most insidious problems employees face today is misclassification. Your employment classification entitles you to certain benefits. If you believe you are being misclassified as an independent contractor when you should be an employee, contact our firm today.


Practice Areas Intro

Our team supports workers facing a variety of unfair and illegal situations. To learn more about the practice areas the Benowitz Law Corporation firm specialized in, click below.

Our Legal Voice

We are dedicated to demystifying employment law and making legal concepts accessible to any and every California worker. At the Benowitz Law Corporation, our team considers themselves a part of your team, and if chosen to handle your case, will make sure that you understand everything that is happening and are making well-informed decisions at every step. 

Do not rely on anyone else – the Benowitz Law Corporation legal team is here for you.

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The legal system can be overwhelming and intimidating.

However, if you have felt that any of your rights have been violated in your workplace, do not hesitate to contact an attorney or get more information through our blog file.

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