Employment Law Attorney In Los Angeles

Employees retaliated against by business owners or supervisors, workers who are sexually harassed on the job, and disabled people discriminated against in hiring, promotions and accommodations have one thing in common — they have rights that must be protected.

The Law Offices of Louis Benowitz aggressively protects those rights every day, and has since 2009, recovered millions of dollars for employees in Los Angeles and across the state through individual and class action lawsuits.

Based in Beverly Hills and serving employment law clients throughout Southern California, our law firm's founding attorney Louis Benowitz uses his years of experience, proven negotiation and litigation skills, attentive personal service, and reputation for results to achieve justice for clients victimized by wage and hour, overtime and meal breaks violations, wrongful termination, and discrimination of all kinds.

California employment laws are on your side — and so is the Law Offices of Louis Benowitz.

Los Angeles Employment Law Lawyer Louis Benowitz Protects Workers' Rights

Our full-service, client-focused law firm concentrates on these employment law practice areas:

During your free initial consultation, Mr. Benowitz will carefully listen to your description of your legal issue at your job, and answer your questions. If you and Mr. Benowitz agree for him to represent you, he will investigate your claim(s) and work with you to develop a case-specific strategy to help you achieve your goals. If your case ultimately proceeds through litigation and trial, Mr. Benowitz will persuasively present the facts of your case in ways that "connect" with judge and jury. Moreover, if it makes sense to resolve your case before trial, Mr. Benowitz also has an established track record of skillfully negotiating with employers and obtaining favorable outcomes for his clients.

To eliminate any concerns you may have about the cost of our quality representation, Mr. Benowitz may be able to take your case on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will only have to pay attorney's fees and costs if your case is successful.

You need not feel deflated and defeated by problems that make your work life miserable — not while Louis Benowitz is ready to help. Contact our dedicated employment lawyer today by email or make a toll free call to 800-533-2392.