Independent Contractors Misclassification

Many businesses call their workers "independent contractors" even though their workers are really employees.

If you have had a work arrangement that feels like a normal job (e.g., you are told when, where, and how long to work, are told how you must do your work, etc.), but receive an IRS Form 1099, or are paid "under the table," most likely the business owner has misclassified you as an "independent contractor." Employers do this for a variety of bad reasons such as to avoid providing workers' compensation insurance, paying the employer's share of the worker's payroll taxes, paying minimum and overtime wages, providing meal and rest periods, and following the rules that prohibit wage deductions for items such as supplies, uniforms, and equipment. Just as it is illegal for employers to do these things to workers they classify as "employees," so too is it illegal for them to do these same things to workers who they have misclassified as "independent contractors."

If you are, or have been, classified as an independent contractor and suspect that your employment has been misclassified for an employer's benefit, the experienced employee misclassification lawyer you should speak with is Louis Benowitz, founder of the Law Offices of Louis Benowitz in Beverly Hills. Doing so could result in you recovering wages, expenses, and penalties that you don't even realize you are owed!

Since 2009, Louis Benowitz has aggressively advocated for a wide variety of employees whose rights have been violated in the workplace. His law firm has recovered millions of dollars for employees in Los Angeles and across the state through individual and class action lawsuits.

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The alarming trend toward misclassifying workers as independent contractors will likely become even more prevalent in the years to come because the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires businesses with more than 50 "employees" to pay tax penalties if they fail to provide health insurance, thus giving businesses a short-sighted incentive to call their workers "independent contractors."

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