Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney In Los Angeles

Has the performance of your job duties become impossible because of unwelcome comments about your appearance, your perceived alternative lifestyle or personal life, rude physical contact from a co-worker or any other kind of sexual harassment?

If you have been the target of unwanted sexual advances amid a hostile work environment in Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California, experienced employment law attorney Louis Benowitz of the Law Offices of Louis Benowitz in Beverly Hills protects your rights.

Since establishing his law firm in 2009, Louis Benowitz has recovered millions of dollars for employees in Los Angeles and across the state through individual and class action lawsuits. He can help you, too, if the sexual harassment you are receiving at your job has finally become too much to bear.

Were you retaliated against or subjected to a wrongful termination from your job because you reported incidents of sexual harassment? Our law firm gives you the opportunity to restore your dignity and reclaim your life. California employment laws are on your side — and so is the Law Offices of Louis Benowitz.

Los Angeles Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment violates the law when it is so severe or pervasive (i.e., extreme or relentless) that it changes the conditions of the victim's employment and creates an abusive or hostile working environment. It may come in many forms, including:

  • Sexual jokes
  • Sexual advances such as touching or groping
  • Whistles or other sounds or gestures that degrade and belittle
  • Sexually charged physical contact
  • Verbal or visual conduct of a sexual nature such as spoken propositions or exposure to pornographic images
  • "Quid pro quo" sexual harassment, when an employer or supervisor requests or demands, explicitly or implicitly, sexual favors from an employee in exchange for his or her help in the employee's promotion, hiring or retention of a job

You do not have to tolerate this kind of humiliating treatment in the workplace. You can act now to ensure your legal interests are safeguarded by contacting the Law Offices of Louis Benowitz for a free initial consultation. Call today, toll free — 800-533-2392. The contingency fee basis for our work means that you owe no attorney fee unless Mr. Benowitz wins your case.