Workplace Discrimination

While modern discrimination can be egregal, it can also be subtle in ways that can be incredibly harmful. Let’s look at a hypothetical situation of modern discrimination that is prohibited by federal law.

David is Jewish, he works in a company where most of the employees are Christians.

He does not participate in the office’s Christmas activities. His co-workers regard this as unfriendly, and his boss fires him, telling him that he is not a good “team player”. Since his religion is at the center of this problem, David would have a valid case of wrongful dismissal based on religious discrimination.

Let’s now examine an example of discrimination that is prohibited by California state laws. Lisa is going through a divorce. It’s a stressful situation, and she’s been very honest with her co-workers about balancing her divorce and taking care of her children as a single mother. He works with traditional ideals and does not believe in divorce, so they exclude it from projects and social circles. This would be considered illegal discrimination based on marital status under California state law.